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Focused Leadership

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Innerpreneurship, Self/Business Growth


Despite what my rebellious ego sometimes wants me to believe, having people to support us in meeting our goals is necessary, and even wonderful. Sometimes though, when we lack focus, receiving the help we need and leading others can become more work that it hopes to accomplish.

Your unwavering vision is necessary and needed to guide and steer the people who want to help you. When you are the Captain of the ship, you know the course you want to take and you know all the information that flows through your craft. You hold an unique and powerful position, and this power must be acknowledged and used consciously. By actively displaying and sharing your vision with your supporters, you allow them to focus completely on their tasks and not become distracted by their ideas. Their ideas themselves are not a problem but they may not contribute positively to the task at hand. Your role and your goal as leader is to stay focused on your vision, so the people helping you stay focused on it too.

In being a decisive leader, you gather everyone’s creative energy and you help to focus it in the direction of your vision. In being pointed, you help others to help you manifest your vision swiftly and without confusion. In focusing your leadership, you create a container for others to truly support you in meeting your goals. And that, without a doubt, is a wonderful and invaluable thing.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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