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Walking the Tightrope

Tightrope Elastic Mind [tweetmeme] Ever feel like you're walking a tightrope? That's because you are. We all are. All complex adaptive systems (that's you!) walk a tightrope between too much structure and too little.

Too much structure...

and chaos! Organic systems become rigid and unresponsive to their environment and they eventually die.

To little structure...

and chaos! Organic systems become overly sensitive to environmental disturbances. They can't maintain their organization and eventually disintegrate.

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Pinning Down How You Help Best

Supernova N49 Stuff I 'could' help you with:
  • thank you letter writing
  • organizing your stuff
  • having an in-depth X-Files conversation
  • dog care
  • floral arranging
  • dancing like a fool
  • singing badly
[tweetmeme] It's taken me 28 years to develop a very small understanding of my purpose in this life. Turns out it's not an easy task to discover how you can best add value to the world and, in turn, how you can best receive it back.

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Prosperity is a Venn Diagram Away

VTG=VO [tweetmeme]

Your Voice: the public expression of your authentic identity

Your authentic identity can be found in exploring Your Values, Your Talents, and Your Goals. Values: what's important to you Talents: what you're good at Goals: what motivates you Understanding your unique mix of VTG, and expressing it, is what Your Voice is made of, and it is Your Brand. Your Brand is the public expression of your authentic identity.

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Nicole Carlin: June 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Nicole Carlin

Nicole Carlin Owner of POP Fizz Academy, Yoga Teacher, Burlesque Dancer, Hula Hooper POP Fizz Academy The POP Fizz Blog Follow Nicole on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

a young, female entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, hula-hooper and Burlesque dancer, the owner of POP Fizz Academy (an alternative dance, health and wellness school offering fun, frisky and empowering in-person classes and workshops and e-courses), addicted to my juicer, almost constantly filled with wanderlust, a dreamer, a to-do list lover, a big ol' belly laugher!

My passion is for:

helping women to discover that juicy, yummy, awesomeness of their beautiful bodies!

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This Is Not For Everyone

The "On the other hand" selfportrait (bw outtake) [tweetmeme]

I'm a romantic.

But I like my stories to be realistic too.

Owning a business is NOT for everyone.

Fuck, no. Suggesting such a thing would be just crazy talk.

I don't know what your career needs.

Only you do. If you do the work to discover what you feel passionate about, and find purpose in it.

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