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The Magic of 3’s

by | Jun 11, 2010 | Cultural Creativity

3 Keys to Conscious Business

The 3 Keys to Consciousness

It is said that we have 3 dimensions of the physical world, theI, We, and It of consciousness,. There’s I, representing our Self, there’s We, representing how we feel with others and in our environment and then there is It, representing everything that is bigger than our Self and our World. Like the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, or Russia.

This I, We, It is often expressed with the words the Beautiful, the Good and the True.

The 3 Keys to Business

Tom Peters, a quirky and wise business writer argues there are 3 keys to business:

  1. Design
  2. Marketing
  3. Systems

I agree. And thus I will expand on this…

If you look at what each three dimensions represent in business, as the other three dimensions represent in consciousness and culture, you will see they fit together like a precious little puzzle piece.

The 3 Key’s to Conscious Business

Design is how you express Who You Are. It is your choices in everything you do. It your I or your Beauty. It is your creative expression.

Marketing is how you connect with and treat others. It is your We or your Goodness. It is your intention.

Systems is how you make everything work. It’s your structure. It is your Truth. It’s how you exist.

I’d like to expand on Tom Peter’s and argue that the keys to a growth business are:

  1. Beautiful Design
  2. Good Marketing
  3. True Systems

If you want it built to last, you need design that is authentic, Marketing that is compassionate and Systems that are organic.

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

In 2008, I started this blog as I began working for myself. It is a reflection of my innerpreneurial journey, growing myself to grow my business. ABOUT ME

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The Magic of 3’s

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