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The Me I’ve Been Avoiding

Avoid Me [tweetmeme]

Me, as a creative being.

I can't pinpoint where or when I made the decision, but at some point I decided - THAT part of me - the very soul of me, is

safer being hidden and ignored.

If I don't share it, I can never be hurt or disappointed by it. It can never be held up as no good, and I will never know I am no-talent. If I don't recognize it, I can be sure to stay in a place where no one else does either.

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Michelle Ward: July 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Michelle Ward - Creative Career Coach

Michelle Ward Creative Career Coach When I Grow Up Follow Michelle on Twitter [tweetmeme]

I am:

the When I Grow Up Coach! With my BFA from NYU/Tisch in musical theater & my life coaching certification from the International Coach Academy, I use a dose of empathy, a shot of butt-kickin', a wagon full of enthusiasm, & a crapload of inspiration to help solve the puzzle & turn my client's grown-up skills & values into a passionate (& possibly out-of-the-box) career. I'm also a married lady, an old soul, a Jew with a WASPy name, half of Team Awesome, a Judge Judy fan, a quoter of Adam Sandler movies & a pretty terrible cook (but I'm learning!).

My passion is for:

helping creative people devise the career they think they can't have - or discovering it to begin with!

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Life Could Be A Dream, Sweetheart

Pie in the Sky



I'm hesitant to use the word 'dreams'. The word has a touchy-feely quality that makes me feel kinda icky. 'Dreams' can seem kinda pie-in-the-sky. Especially in business. It's not that 'dreams' are unrealistic or unreal. God, no. It's that people often use the word to talk about things they're not acting in direction of. They use 'dreams' to discuss the things that they hope to get, but are doing nothing to create.

What they're talking about is dreaming.

And it's a whole other kettle of fish.

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Where You Wish to Go

Baby Steps [tweetmeme] It's hard not to indulge in the BIG Questions. It's tough not to focus on The End we have in mind. Stop freaking yourself out by thinking you need to know how to get There today.

You don't have the answers.

Stop indulging and paralyzing your mind with BIG Questions you don't have the answers for. Take one daily action. And in that action, keep your goal in mind.

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Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales [tweetmeme] When we rush to do something, we can waste a lot of energy forcing action when we are not ready. When we hurry, we aren't giving our self the space to let our answers come, or allowing our self the time to understand our choices. If it really is that important, can we really afford to hurry it? photo credit: Eole

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