The Forms of -preneurship and Your Personal Brand


If we look at -preneurship as a term used to describe our personal brand, what form of -preneurship best communicates your value?

Entre-preneurship: taking charge of your own business

Literally, the word means: “begin to take charge” but is often defined as the practice of starting a new business. Entrepreneurial behaviour describes investing time and money in the creation and development of a new enterprise.

Intra-preneurship: taking charge within a business

Management Consultant Gifford Pinchot coined the term while exploring the role of spiritual values in business. He later wrote a popular book called Intrapreneuring and the term is now used to describe and encourage entrepreneurial attitudes within companies.
Xerox and 3M are two businesses that have adopted intrapreneurial strategies and structures to encourage creative development of new products.

Inter-preneurship: taking charge within your group

Common of task and project teams that constructively operate across functional and operational lines, interpreneurial behaviour describes a group taking charge for the greater interest of a company as a whole.

Inner-preneurship: taking charge of your own life

The gift of an examined life. Innerpreneurial behaviour describes a person who is self directed in the management of their career, wellness and financial issues and transitions.
The Innerpreneurial strategy is believing all you need is to know is your Self well and how to connect your Self to the evolving needs of your stakeholders.

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The Forms of -preneurship and Your Personal Brand

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min