The Expectations of Others


From the moment we are born we are shaped by the expectation of others.

Their assumptions weigh us down. They sit like a backpack, heavy on our shoulder. Sometimes invisible to us.

These ideas about us are not ours, but we can hold onto them as though they are.

Our Energy Mustn’t Be Squandered

We need to be conscious of what people ask of us, and what they reward us for being.

Others lack of approval can condition us and our passion. And in those conditions our art will or will not be made.

Those who celebrate only fractions of us are not our friends. Those who ask us to take on their needs are not our allies. In meeting their demands and repressing our own, we are misplacing our own values.

As I am learning first hand, to grow, we need to celebrate rather than repress our passion. We need to express it regardless of the rewards, expectations or fears. In celebrating it we are rewarded by more passion – the fuel for which our art will be made.

photo credit: Meredith_Farmer

The Expectations of Others

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min