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Don’t Take My Advice

by | Apr 9, 2012 | Self/Business Growth

Good Advice
In business and in life. I can’t possibly know what is best for you more than you do.

You are your own best adviser.

You have all the answers you’ll ever need inside of you. There is no one you will ever meet that you will learn more from than your Self. You may need support in asking the questions that will move you in the direction of your answers, but ultimately, what is right for you is a question only you have the answer to.

Do you trust that the guide inside you knows what’s best?

All the things you don’t know.

I have moments where the idea that I might actually know what’s best seems completely idiotic. After all, what do I know? It definitely seems far more sane to think that someone ‘smarter’ could know better what to do next.

When I find my balance, I remember why, inherently, I trust my inner guide — she helps me to expand my view of business to see that it is so much more than the external world and reacting to it. In aligning with my inner truth I can see that my business is about internally determining what is meaningful for my work and pursuing that single-mindedly — and subsequently observing how that internal drive shapes the external world.

I may not know a lot but I do know what is meaningful for my life.

What you can trust.

In listening to your inner direction you are shaping a business that is an external reflection of your inner wealth.

In practicing the valuing of your feelings you are working on growing your business.

In taking the risk of loving and understanding yourself more, you are creating a situation where you can better act in line with your values, and serve others.

Think with your heart, feel with your head.

Your intuition, it may not be an expert on every subject but when it is valued, it contains more truth than you’ll ever need — or any external guide can ever provide.

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Don’t Take My Advice

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