Improving Your Game

Money Game

Like any game, if you don’t actively participate in it, you will not be a player.

If you can see money as a game, you can understand the importance of playing with money; of learning to flow with debit and credit.

Like in any game, it’s important to your success as a player to maintain a positive attitude, regardless of where you are in your flow. Whether in debit or credit, your job as a player is to ensure you are always doing your best while in the game.

This means choosing to be skillfully aware of how you can improve your game. Specifically in the game of money, it means being honest about where you limit the flow of giving, and receiving, in your life.

If you want to maximize your flow and make your game all the more effective, watch your limiting thoughts and ideas around money. It’s those thoughts and ideas that are hurting you as a player, and altering money’s rate of circulation to you.

photo credit: dirac3000

Improving Your Game

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min