I’m the Hero of This Story

Everyone around me is a character.

I can experience the characters of my world in the same way I experience characters in fiction. I can care for them, perhaps even love them, but in the end, I can only be a watcher of their story. I am a viewer of their narrative, their plot line, and the archetypes they have chosen to embrace and act out.

The only character within my power is my own.

I do not have to allow anything or anyone outside of me to dictate my reality. I have a choice as to what character I play, and the type of story I reside in. I get to create this. In my story, I get to be in choice, deciding who I want to be and what I want to do, but like when I am watching TV or reading a book, the other characters that live in my story are not mine to control. I only get to decide what the hero does, I only get to decide what I do.

I am the hero of this story.

This means I do not need to be saved, nor do I need to save anyone else. For each and every character has the chance and the choice to be the hero of their story.

I’m the Hero of This Story

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min