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Seller’s Choice: Why Would I Use Pay-What-It’s-Worth-Pricing?

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing


As a business owner, here are some reasons why you might employ Pay-What-It’s Worth pricing:

1. It reduces transaction-related costs

  • reduces the cost incurred from finding info on your customers willingness to pay
  • removes the cost of promotional pricing initiatives
  • reduces the cost of sales
  • removes the cost of setting prices

2. It maximizes your potential market participation

  • removes price as the major barrier to entry for the client
  • adds value creation as a major reason for engagement for the client

3. (Almost) guaranteed positive revenue

  • you will makes sales and receive business (as long as your service/product creates value)

4. Potentially higher profits (than setting prices) if you are:

  • small
  • exclusive
  • intimate
  • have loyal clientele
  • provide personal service
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Seller’s Choice: Why Would I Use Pay-What-It’s-Worth-Pricing?

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