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Is Pay What It’s Worth Pricing For Me?

by | May 29, 2013 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing

Is Pay What It's Worth Pricing For Me?

Explore PWIW and your intentions around creating wealth

I’ve created a new tool that I am excited to share with you. Welcome to the world, Is Pay What It’s Worth Pricing For Me?: an exploratory checklist! I felt motivated to create this checklist to support you in answering the question, is Pay What It’s Worth (PWIW) pricing right for me and my business?

I understand that it’s a scary concept — to allow your customers to determine how they value your work. It feels like a really BIG risk.

In honour of this feeling, this checklist is intended to help you identify if you possess the intentions and motivations of a business owner who could prosper from using PWIW.

You can learn more and purchase the checklist here.

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Is Pay What It’s Worth Pricing For Me?

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