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The Change School

Grace Clapham & Solonia Teodros: Innerpreneur Spotlight

GRACE CLAPHAM & SOLONIA TEODROS Co-Founders of The Change School @TheChangeSchool Grace Clapham | Solonia Teodros We are: Changepreneurs My passion is for: Solonia: Helping individuals and organisations become global citizens through community engagement, social innovation, cultural understanding and human-centered design. Grace: Helping individuals maximize their potential, connecting sectors and cultures, bridging gaps, enabling and inspiring individuals and organisations ...

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Everything We Are

Creative. Intuitive. Wise. Beautiful. And all the other qualities we (sometimes) believe only the special possess. The possession of these gifts, however, is not a special thing. For we each possess them, with varying degrees of visibility. The special thing, the thing stands out, is not the qualities themselves but the empowered use and the deliberate practice of them. For to practice and harness your creativity, your intuition, your wisdom, your beauty takes patience, dedicati...

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Our Words Are Our Resource

What if our words were thought of as a resource to be conserved and used wisely? What if we saw the misuse of our words as a waste of precious resources, similar to the misuse of our oceans or another limited resource? What if we saved our words? Saved them from carelessness, from thoughtless expressions, saved them from being used to harm people and the planet? What if we learned to respect all our resources? Not just the one's from the earth and that other posses, but the one's ...

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Logically Speaking

Logically speaking, when I deny my emotions as a factor my conclusions can't help but be faulty, can they? When I deny my emotions, I can't be rational, logical nor true, can I? If anything, I'm being highly illogical. Emotional even. I'm certainly not acting from a place of wholeness. To not recognize that my emotions exist, and/or the emotions of others, is an imbalance in perception that will not benefit me. To be neutral and balanced, to honour the existence and validity ...

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