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Everything We Are

photo credit Pink Sherbet Photography

Creative. Intuitive. Wise. Beautiful. And all the other qualities we (sometimes) believe only the special possess.

The possession of these gifts, however, is not a special thing. For we each possess them, with varying degrees of visibility.

The special thing, the thing stands out, is not the qualities themselves but the empowered use and the deliberate practice of them.

For to practice and harness your creativity, your intuition, your wisdom, your beauty takes patience, dedication, and optimism. It takes developing less visible qualities in pursuit of your more visible ones, and it takes focusing your time and energy on your goals, while accepting that the immediate satisfaction of these needs can not be met.

This is what makes these people special. Not the qualities themselves, but their dedication and persistence in nurturing and sharing what’s inside of them.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Everything We Are

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min