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You’re Going to Make the Difference

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You’re not going to make the difference for me: I am.
I’m not going to make the difference for you: you are.

You and I, can not and do not need to save anyone from anything.

However ardently you believe that I would be happier and more satisfied following your lead, you must resist the temptation to try to change me. You can not heal me. Only I can. There is a reason for where I am right now, and how you feel I “should” be or “could” be is not really relevant, helpful nor right.

No matter the richness of the life you’ve built, you are still not qualified to speak on behalf of the/my greater source. No matter what you feel you know, nor what I feel you know, you do not know better. What you know will never surpass what you do not know. Your understanding of my life must always be limited.

It is a disservice to me, and to you, to make assumptions about my intentions, preferences, and goals. Respect my right to be myself. If you find yourself feeling that you need to change me and save me, if you’re feeling that perhaps you know better, it’s an opportunity to look at what needs healing within. How can you really know better? What are you overcompensating for?

Just as my life is about healing and wholing myself, so too is yours. We both have the right to do so, at our own pace, without interference. In doing your own work, and allowing me to do mine, you’re making all the difference. For your changing the one person you actually can: you.

photo credit: wackystuff

You’re Going to Make the Difference

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min