Addicted to the Pain


Do you ever get so addicted to the pain of something that you don’t want to break out of it? Have you ever felt so much pain and so consistently that you start to feel you deserve it — that it’s meant to be there? Have you ever stayed with your pain — not changing it, not empowering yourself?

When we do this, we make ourselves a victim of our pain. It’s selfish in the end. We’re so overwhelmed by our feelings of despair and unfairness that we forget our responsibility… to our self and others. We forget our responsibility to care about people and things outside our pain, including ourselves.

Our pain matters. It has a point. Its value lies in how we acknowledge it, learn from it, and grow from it. It is not something for us to simply accept and live with. We’ve got to have compassion for our Self. We’ve got to push for our joy.

photo credit: LL Twistiti

Addicted to the Pain

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min