Protecting Your Flow


When we feel unsafe, whether we fear being judged, disliked, or misunderstood, it stops our creative flow. Fear is stifling. Alternatively, when we feel safe, our creativity unfolds and reveals itself, without our conscious effort.

Knowing this, we can maximize our creative potential by creating conditions where we feel safe and unrestricted. In protecting our flow, we inspire our creativity. Doing this includes avoiding people who leave us feeling unsafe, and it includes creating support for the ways in which feel fearful in our own psyches. Internal and external, we have the power to create the conditions to support our flow.

Internal and external, whenever we’re up against fear, we have the tools needed to protect our Self. In connecting with our breathe, we know we are safe, we feel our power, and in this experience, we find the courage to fearlessly surrender to our creative potential.

photo credit: Ian Hayhurst

Protecting Your Flow

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min