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The Heart of Self-Worth

by | Aug 2, 2015 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing, Personal Branding, Self/Business Growth


“Thoughts become things,” Mike Dooley says. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you think you deserve.

Life provides your perceived worth, not your actual worth. Only when you connect with your intrinsic goodness — your courage and your kindness — do you allow, and feel you deserve, all of life’s blessings. Only then, can you truly get what you deserve. For only then, do you trust in your unconditional worth.

Unconditional worth belongs to you. It’s always been yours. It’s inherently yours. Your self-worth can not be earned. It can not be measured. It is simply yours to know, and to grow with.

Yet what you think your worth matters just as much as the truth of your infinite value. Feelings need to find balance with perceptions. To truly know your worth and receive it, you need to find alignment with your perceptions and expressions of worth, and your actual worth.

Your thoughts are becoming things, and they’re showing you the truth of your feelings. Life’s giving you what you think you deserve. Are you happy with what you’re creating? Whatever your answer, your worth is yours to grow into, and yours to create the life you truly deserve.

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The Heart of Self-Worth

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