Accept Yourself (A Loving Reminder)

Accept Yourself (A Loving Reminder)

Dear lovely,

You are cherished and adored. Be not afraid of anything in your world and know that you have done so much to heal and whole yourself, to be who you truly are. The more you are able to unite all parts of you, the happier and more fulfilled you will be. Accept yourself.

If another can not accept any aspect of you, it is for them to bear, not you. You are not responsible for the things others can not accept about life and the world. It is not about you; it is about them and the truth they are avoiding. Love yourself, know yourself, and trust that is enough. It is.

You are precious resource and your world needs you for the next leg of our journey. Now is the time for your to create what you have dreamed of. Now is the time to feel the love and joy that is created from your heart-centred action. You are ready to be all that you are. There is no need to withhold or withdraw. Life is coming together. Trust in this.


The Gradual Process of Gaining Confidence

The Gradual Process of Gaining Confidence

Gaining Confidence

Being hard on ourselves and others, we often assert that we either have confidence—or we don’t. Yet gaining confidence is a gradual process. It is only with practice that we learn to handle our affairs with proficiency and ease. Through practice, we learn to trust ourselves and our decisions, developing our self-assurance. Inherent within us, our self-assurance is not a momentary—nor set—thing. Rather it grows as our confidence expands, as we skillfully handle life’s challenges. Only through practice do we develop true faith in ourselves, assured as we bear witness to our ability to positively impact the quality of our life.

Looking back on when we felt self-doubt and lacking in confidence, and aligning ourselves to that person, we can see that true self-assurance is a process that takes time. We must learn to trust ourselves. We must learn to have confidence in our decisions. Being open to uncovering our past fears and doubts and seeing where we’ve lacked confidence, we allow ourselves to heal our old wounds and to notice how much we’ve grown since creating them. Invariably, our awareness creates greater strength and confidence within us about our future and our ability to skillfully handle it. Little by little, we find our confidence grows.

photo credit: Karen & Chris Highland

Reality is What You Make It

Reality is What You Make It


Despite how we talk about it, reality isn’t one thing. One stream. One truth. Reality is defined and designed by you, the individual. And, by design, you get to decide how “real” you want your reality to be.

You are given the possibility, and the imperative, of being able to bring into reality the things that are truly real, and truly healing for you.

If you decide that your reality is full of lies and half-truths—or even a casual ignoring of the truly real—then this is your reality. Your detachment from your truth is a critical aspect of your reality.

What is real anyway? Perhaps what’s truly real is what feels most like our authentic truth.

This is my desire: for anything other than my truth to be the uncomfortable place. I want to learn to sit comfortably uncomfortable in the beauty and messiness of my truth. I want to feel that anything less than it is a trap I am creating for myself. For I know — and have learned — inevitably, the truth will catch up with me. I can’t outrun it, though I can deny it. Yet no matter where I look, it will still be there.

The denying of our truth adds pressure and pain to our lives. It’s the pressure to re-frame everything; to re-frame our reality so that it painfully fits into the limited perspective we’ve deemed acceptable. It’s a carefully crafted noose that will eventually hang us.

Instead, why not bring into reality the things that are truly real, and truly healing for you? Trust it’s your imperative as its designer.

photo credit: Alison J-B

You’re Going to Make the Difference

You’re Going to Make the Difference

photo credit wackystuff

You’re not going to make the difference for me: I am.
I’m not going to make the difference for you: you are.

You and I, can not and do not need to save anyone from anything.

However ardently you believe that I would be happier and more satisfied following your lead, you must resist the temptation to try to change me. You can not heal me. Only I can. There is a reason for where I am right now, and how you feel I “should” be or “could” be is not really relevant, helpful nor right.

No matter the richness of the life you’ve built, you are still not qualified to speak on behalf of the/my greater source. No matter what you feel you know, nor what I feel you know, you do not know better. What you know will never surpass what you do not know. Your understanding of my life must always be limited.

It is a disservice to me, and to you, to make assumptions about my intentions, preferences, and goals. Respect my right to be myself. If you find yourself feeling that you need to change me and save me, if you’re feeling that perhaps you know better, it’s an opportunity to look at what needs healing within. How can you really know better? What are you overcompensating for?

Just as my life is about healing and wholing myself, so too is yours. We both have the right to do so, at our own pace, without interference. In doing your own work, and allowing me to do mine, you’re making all the difference. For your changing the one person you actually can: you.

photo credit: wackystuff

The Missing Pieces (of Poverty)

The Missing Pieces (of Poverty)

photo credit  Horia Varlan

We’ve created a culture of leaving people feeling as though they’re missing something. We’ve created a collective belief that, as a community and as an individual, we are not whole, nor okay.

We’ve created a commercial system that grows fat and comfortable on promoting these feelings of lack and fragmentation. We’ve bought the idea that we can consume something or someone that can leave us feeling more whole.

In the midst of our chaos of un-wholeness, we’ve created deep poverty. More than lacking material resources, deep poverty lives in our feelings and thoughts of lack — lack of ability, of confidence, and of agency — and our disbelief that we can make a plan and change our lives. This mindset can affect the materially poor and rich alike, and it’s from this place that we’ve created the material poverty of our world, and our cultural messages of lack.

Business and culture, excitingly, just as they helped shape these problems, are also powerful spaces to transform deep poverty. There is enormous potential within these spaces to create shifts away from these cultural and economic messages of lack and fear. In this moment, there is so much space and need for actions of abundance; we are desperately in need of people and businesses who actively invest in their own inherent wholeness, and ours. These positive entities are our tools for cultural and economic transformation, and their messages of abundance and of truth are integral for us to heal.

I invite you to take a moment now and feel that place inside you that believes in your own un-wholeness. Sense the amazing transformational power that pain contains… Trust that in working to heal your own beliefs of un-wholeness, you have the power to transform your whole world.

photo credit: Horia Varlan