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Practicing With Pain

If the pain is going to be there either way, why would I choose to feel it? If I feel it, I can actually heal it. If I don't feel it, I can not know its true state, and I can not start to heal it. Whether I like it or not, feeling my pain fully is necessary for my healing, for my whole-ing. I can not reduce my pain when I don't acknowledge it. I can not feel more whole and healed when I deny parts of my experience. When I want to hide from my pain, I remember that in facing it, ...

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Means so much

The Thing That Means SO MUCH

A Calling I've always wanted to ā€” and knew I needed to ā€” WRITE a BOOK. If I knew anything about myself, I KNEW this. And this KNOWING was so powerful that it became incredibly painful. Resistance But I didn't know how, so I tried to escape from IT. The pressure of IT. For a while. With time and practice, it became not so much the WRITING that weighed, but THE (unwritten) BOOK itself. As did my resistance to ALL THE MEANING I had now placed on IT. Nothing meant more ...

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Paralyzing Thinking

What stops you dead in your tracks? One thing that stops me is thinking about my performance. Whether it is before, during, or after an action in which I want to perform and do it well, thinking about my performance paralyzes me. For what I am really doing in that moment is judging my performance, but more specifically, what I am really, really doing is jumping to (very negative) conclusions about my performance. I am deciding I know exactly what You think about it. Except every ...

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Our Inner Critic

A reflection of our disdain for authority in our own life. The things our critic says are likely things we heard from an authority figure. Things we did not agree with ā€” but heard anyway. Things that once were someone else's ideas about us, that have now become our own.

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