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Align your meaning with your delivery.

Our relationship is defined and designed by your expressed interests, goals, and objectives. What you feel you need support-wise will determine how our collaboration takes shape. I am here to listen, to guide, to validate, to recommend, and to support you in expressing the truth of your brand and business.

Whether you are starting your business, re-visioning it, and/or increasing its visibility, I will support you in defining your intentions (strategic goals) and help you to create cohesive, meaningful, and effective communications. In feeling clear in what you think, want, and need, you will clearly communicate this to others.

Discover clarity of intention. Express confidence in action.

personal consultation in communication design
In a one-on-one session, we will work though your marketing challenges, identify your communication goals, and design steps towards reaching them.

Most consultations tend to be 1-1.5 hr in length. Depending on your needs, our session can be a maximum of 2 hours in length. For new clients, I recommend our first consultation be 1 hr in length.

The $ value of the consultation will be yours to decide. I trust you to determine and pay what it’s worth (learn more). The pre-purchase of my consulting time is required for our first session.

Some things we can work on are:

  • shaping a direction for the website (or other communication piece) you are creating.
  • exploring your system for not setting prices.
  • proving feedback on your draft copy and its effectiveness.
  • identifying the important information you need to share in your marketing piece.
  • organizing your thoughts and ideas so you have a focus in your communication.
  • highlighting where your website (or other communication piece) could be stronger and where it’s already effective.
  • selecting tools (such as specific plugins for your WordPress site) that can help you reach your goals.

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Our Relationship — A Great Fit

Curious to learn more? I offer to you a complimentary 30-min Discovery Meeting with me. Through this no-obligation exploration we’ll explore how we can design the right support for your specific needs. This meeting is not a personal consultation and we will not be able to work through any specific challenges during it. This time together is to ensure we are a great fit—and that your needs will be met.

You may also want to look over our shared agreement to determine if the collaboration is the right fit for you and your needs.

email feedback
If your looking for focused, simple feedback on your communication project and/or your marketing challenge/question, in an email feedback exchange I will provide you with constructive, actionable, and compassionate feedback. If you have a communication project you need feedback on, I will provide you with targeted feedback on its effectiveness, and provide ideas for how it can be enhanced. If you have business questions, I will provide you with succinct, thoughtful answers to each.

Please be as clear with me on your intentions and goals as you can so that I can provide you with my most useful and focused feedback.

The $ value of the feedback will be yours to decide. I trust you to determine and pay what it’s worth (learn more). The pre-purchase of my consulting time is required for our first email exchange.

Some things you can receive feedback on are:

  • your website.
  • your brochure.
  • your email newsletter.
  • your brand identity.
  • your system for not setting prices.
  • for more specific examples of what we can work on, pls see the “personal consultation” topic examples above

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Our Exchange — Pay What It’s Worth

The value of what you receive from me is yours to determine. I have no set prices. When we work together, I trust you to evaluate the value you place on my time and contribution and to pay accordingly.

You get to communicate the worth of what you are receiving through the price you decide to pay for it. Here’s more information on how we’ll exchange value together.