Cross My Heart: Strange Adventures on Big Island

by Tara Joyce

On her second assignment, Leigh reluctantly travels to an erupting volcano with her new partner, Noam. A strange force she encounters there awakens her to the existence of something unthinkable.

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"What do you think? This is the premise for a second episode...

It's her second adventure with the Academy and Leigh travels with Noam to Big Island, Hawaii where the Kilauea volcano is erupting. Of course, that new-partner-she-doesn't-want gets her mixed up in something strange and adventurous... Something to do with ghostly visions of little white dogs and of Elvis...

I know it sounds weird, right? Weird and kinda fun. I've got a feeling about this show. Cross my heart, it is going to be a hit."

- James Chomsky, lead actor on Strange Adventures