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I am Culture Creative, Hear Me Roar

by | Feb 4, 2009 | Cultural Creativity

Written by Kim Candlish

I was on the cusp of puberty when Helen Reddy had her big hit, I Am Woman (hear me roar). It must have been pretty funny for my parents to watch me walk around the house singing, “I Am Woman”, or maybe a little bit frightful. For one reason or another this song came to mind when I was looking around this website and I came across the subject of Culture Creative.

So I asked myself the five questions to see if I roared.

  • Do you detest the emphasis modern culture has on success and making it, on consuming and being rich?
    Answer: Well, I wouldn’t use the word “detest” but I do think there is much too strong an emphasis on it, leaving the “have-nots” out in the cold. And I do like it when I have a little extra money to spend but I have come to really understand that it is not what really makes me happy.
  • Do you care deeply about the environment and are willing to pay higher taxes and prices to improve the situation?
    Answer: I do care deeply about the environment. Sometimes I think I can even hear the earth and nature crying. I am kind of on the fence about paying higher taxes since what I already pay is grossly mismanaged. I would and do pay higher prices for eco-friendly products.
  • Do you place a lot of emphasis on developing and maintaining your relationships?
    Answer: Yes, I guess so. Making time for friendships is the only way to have them. I find it hard sometimes, it means putting something I might want to do for my own gratification on hold to spend time with those I have relationships with that I want to nurture. I have found as I’ve gotten older that the time invested in my friends is a tremendous investment. One thing I have learned as I’ve gotten older is when it’s time to let one go too.
  • Do you give a lot of importance to helping people and developing their unique talents?
    Answer: I have a soft spot for the little guy. I know how hard life can be and how easy it is to fall. I do try to compliment people on small things, things that stand out to me as worthy. And sometimes small comments can go a long way. On the receiving end, I know that a positive comment can turn my whole day around, make me realize that yes, I can. So I try to do that for others.
  • Do you demand authenticity – at home and work, from businesses and politicians?
    Answer: I think we are an apathetic nation when it comes to our politicians. In recent years I have been asking authenticity of myself. That in itself has been a big enough standard to live with and live up to.

Reading on, I can see that I fit more into the Core Creative subcategory. It would be nice to see this philosophy expanding and actually having a place on earth.

Some will be more socially active than others, I will be one who will be doing her part in her little corner, touching people with a ripple effect that I will be thankfully, not aware of. I think I’m more like the mouse who roared and I am perfectly happy with my piece of the cheese wheel.

Kim Candlish is an artist, writer, mom, sister, daughter, seeker, spirit, garlic lover. Her blog, The Bodhi Chicklet, is read by at least three other people.

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

In 2008, I started this blog as I began working for myself. It is a reflection of my innerpreneurial journey, growing myself to grow my business. ABOUT ME

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I am Culture Creative, Hear Me Roar

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