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Quite simply how your business can work best


It wasn’t so long ago that I thought...

I came from a Modern upbringing where art was appreciated but certainly never encouraged as a profession. I attended business school, worked in corporate marketing (albeit in tech, music and the performing arts) and was driven to write only when my world seemed to be falling apart. Until a little over a year ago, I would have never identified my Self as Creative for I felt I lacked the talent, the ideas, the whimsy. I saw my Self as level-headed and practical girl and because I was basically good at everything, I felt I had a gift for nothing.

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Focusing on the Process, Not the Product


Hanging my success on outcomes

I have a hard time not focusing on the end product of my writing. I often think about its outcome -- an outcome that I have determined as the hallmark for my success as a writer -- publication. But wait, don’t I publish already? Of course I do, but it is on my own accord, and for some reason I have told my Self that my writing is only as good as the literary professionals who want to publish it. Only when I have a book published with my name on it will I truly be a writer.

I’m giving away my power

I’m attaching my personal success or failure to the outcome of publication, thus setting my Self up to be continually looking into the future and judging my present actions against this idealized outcome.

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Reflections on Value Pricing

valuepricing The six-month report

Call me crazy - and I know people do and I secretly like it - but after six months with value pricing, I am fucking loving it. Sure, some days I think I’m a total wackjob and that I’m screwing my Self. But most days I feel like I’m exploring something really cool. I honestly believe you can be f’ing great at what you do, have faith in that, and rely on your customers to determine your value. Value pricing feels like a powerful act of self-confidence. I’ve got enough faith in the awesomeness that is my work that I’ll let you set the price for it.

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It’s Like Pulling Teeth to Find Authentic Help

teeth My old dentist was very clear on her bottom line. She didn't hide it well. Each time she saw me she focused on what she could get from me not on what I needed. Mouth guards, teeth whitening and gum graphs were the name of her game. It was always what was wrong with my teeth, not what was right.

I decided to switch dentists.

Being treated like a walking dollar sign got old. Being treated without her full attention got old. Being kept in the dark on my health got old. She kept her knowledge tight to her chest, never daring to share what she knew with her patients. She did not believe in empowering her patients by fostering their learning about their own dental health. She wanted to maintain the chasm of expert and ignorant client for she saw it as a means to influence opinion and encourage uneducated decisions, often based upon fear.

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They’re All Going to Laugh At You


It scares me to stand behind the word Innerpreneur.

As much as it connects me to you, and encompasses my views on business, life and everything in between, I am conscious of how the word, a word that references that which is within us, appears to others.

Do you experience the smirks?

Perhaps in your social life spirituality is an open topic but in mine it is not. Reading this blog is more a window into my soul than most people get.

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