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We’re No H1N1… But We’re Spreading

by | Dec 6, 2009 | Innerpreneurship

Spread the Disease

I’ve been tracking a few things.

\’\’I’ve been Googling “Innerpreneur” since June 2008 or maybe before… but I didn’t start collecting data on the results until this year, 8 Jan 09.

When I first started Googling the term, the first 10 or so pages were about the Ron Rentel book, Karma Queens, Geek Gods and Innerpreneurs.

On January 8th of this year there were 8070 results on the web for “Innerpreneur”.

When I checked again, just right now (December 6th – 4:12 EST), there were 40,300 results for “Innerpreneur”.

That’s 500% growth. How you like them apples?

The results for “Innerpreneur” are no longer just about the book anymore either. They’re now about the soul of the matter, they’re about us. Our businesses and our dreams.

I’ve been following your links. I’ve been learning about you. And it’s been a wonderful pleasure to meet each of you. Our voices are beautiful.

We’re starting to talk and connect.

You’re talking with me. And I am so grateful for each connection. But you want to talk to each other too.

How do I know? The forum. Since I launched it in August, it has sat empty and quiet, apparently not a visitor in sight. No one wants to connect, it seems. Except the most visited page on this site is the forum. Since I launched it in August, there’s been 33,205 visits to the forum. So I know you’re interested in talking to each other.

We’re starting to develop services and products.

You’ve been telling me about them. From educational workshops, to coaching, to newsletters, you’re shaping products and services to fulfill the needs of our niche. That them there is the beginning of a sustainable community. We’ve got a marketplace growing.

We’re a serious force for shaping a more meaningful capitalist culture.

So you want to talk. And you want to do business together. How can I help us to do that?

Help spread the disease.

I can create an online community for us to connect in… but I need to know your dreams for it. What would you like to do with other Innerpreneurs?

Share media? Buy and Sell? Chat? Hold events?

Help me help us.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

In 2008, I started this blog as I began working for myself. It is a reflection of my innerpreneurial journey, growing myself to grow my business. ABOUT ME

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We’re No H1N1… But We’re Spreading

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