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Questioning the Value of Getting Things Cheap

by | Feb 16, 2011 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing


Why is it a good thing to pay less than something is worth?

Why do we buy the story that happiness results from underpaying for something?

Often we can be so far removed from a product’s creation that it’s hard for us to understand the value of the thing we are buying. But, when we have first-hand evidence of the love, time and energy put into creating something, why would it feel good for us to undervalue it?

How do you feel when your time, energy or love is undervalued?

Get What You Give

If we believe that we get what we give, why would we choose to be ‘undervalued’ through actively undervaluing others?

Why would we not simply strive for a fair deal in our transactions – where both buyer and seller are respected and valued?

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Questioning the Value of Getting Things Cheap

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