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Idea Hoarding

by | Dec 20, 2011 | Self/Business Growth


I used to be afraid of people stealing my ideas. I saw my ideas, the thoughts in my head, as something physical that someone could take from me.

I was terrified to share them. I was certain that if they weren’t stolen, then they would surely be scorned.

Clearly, it seemed, my ideas were not safe in the external world.

Everything is essentially an idea

Without knowing it, I’ve been sharing my ideas all along. In giving of my wealth, in doing what brings me joy, I had been extending my ideas.

Sharing my thoughts hasn’t diminished or killed them as I thought it would. Rather, it has allowed me to meet people who believed in my ideas, and the stronger they have grown.

To defend is to be attacked

By thinking I needed to protect my ideas, I was constraining them. In believing that they could be abused or stolen, I was encouraging them to be.

I was defending against something that wasn’t real. Always ready for the next attack. I was treating my ideas as something outside me, beyond my control.

I am the source of my ideas

They can not be controlled or taken by another.

My thoughts never really leave their source. In trusting this, I am freer to extend them.

Perhaps I now have the proof I need, for I see that in giving of my ideas, my self worth has amplified and a wealthly life is growing.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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