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Founder of Premier Crew

I am:

Concerned about the direction the world is going. We are relying on models of behaviour that are no longer fit for our actual situation. The paternalistic, top-down, command and control, growth centric, use and throw away, win or lose, ways of behaving are creating more problems that they are solving. Inequalities of all sorts are growing and big changes are needed or our future does not look pretty. My aim is to help organisations adapt to the changing eco(nomic)system and to survive and prosper.

My passion is for:

Finding different ways of operating that harness the better (compassionate, empathetic, fairer and more long-sighted) side of our natures and which result in healthier, sustainable (in the wider sense) outcomes.

Which can be summed up as “Helping organisations build honest, fruitful relationships.”

My business helps you:

See the, often questionable, logic behind the dominant methodologies and find ways to do things that better fit the way we humans actually are and the realities of today’s world. By first identifying an organisation’s true purpose and then finding the most efficient ways of achieving that purpose – in a way that sustains both the organisation and the “stakeholder’s” interests. This all sounds very New-Age but without a clear purpose an organisation is truly not coherent.

Stakeholders include anyone affected by the organisation and its work, but the most important are those most impacted by what the organisation does and the way it does it – this is very often the employees – and then working on out, to the other groups that are affected or involved, including the less obvious ones.

My biggest challenge is:

Getting people to see beyond the “Conventional Wisdom” and to believe that change is possible, it can be very positive and can also be great fun.

I make a difference by:

Providing examples of different ways to think, organise and move forward.

I do a lot, and I mean a lot, of research, which is a hugely important aspect of understanding the wider picture. Sometimes I have to dig quite deeply to find reasons and causes, but they are there.

I have lots of ideas about:

Why we do things the way we do. The historical and cultural norms which we might think are immutable are, in the main, quite recent inventions.

Most people can see the problems, but they expect someone else – or technology – to solve them, and then we can carry on as before. I don’t believe we can afford to remain ignorant any longer, we must educate ourselves and adapt.

I have a model, which I call the Three Pillars of Wisdom. These are (to me) the three main aspects where we need to change. The first is the way we operate, especially but not exclusively, at work and our preparation for work (education): We have to change the methods and relationship models to meet peoples’ real needs. There are some excellent methodologies out there (Teal, Holacracy, Beyond Engagement and so on). Second is the economy: The cyclical boom and bust, growth-based model has failed and we urgently need to replace it with something like a Steady-State Model. And lastly: The way we produce and consume has a limited useful life expectancy, which, as we deplete our resources, is nearing its end. The only viable answer is some form of Circular Economy or Cradle-to-Cradle model.

There are of course many other issues in the world but these are the most tractable. Many of the other points of failure will, I believe, start to work or at least improve if we can sort these three areas out.
I’m also a big believer in collaboration, even if it sometimes seems like herding cats – the clue there is to not even consider herding as a methodology.

I’ve learned:

Nothing is quite what it seems and I too can be fooled into thinking that the old ways are best. However, I can also be fooled into thinking that all the old ways are wrong too. Stay alert, question everything – including oneself – seek the underlying, logical explanations and know that just because a problem is big, doesn’t mean it cannot be addressed.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

I have also learnt a simple truth; that many problems are much clearer when examined under that spotlight called honesty and the most profound insights come at the oddest times.

A favourite quote of mine:

Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist” – The economist, Kenneth Boulding

But also, I love;

Please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member” – Groucho Mark

If you would you like to be considered for an upcoming “Innerpreneur Spotlight”, please feel free to contact me.

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Why I Do What I Do


Sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do.

Why do I love what I love? Why do I choose to spend my time in the way that I do?

Most of the time, I’m not asking myself these questions. Most of the time, I’m just doing my thing. But sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do, and sometimes, I get an unexpected answers to that question.

Yesterday was one of those days. I found a note I had written 2009’ish — it was about the point of this blog, and why I spend my time and energy authoring it. It outlined what this space means to me, and why its existence matters. To me, and to you. And I needed that, I needed the reminder of why I do what I do.

Because sometimes I forget, and sometimes I take it for granted. And I don’t want to do that so much anymore. I want to feel my purpose more. So, I’m going to share what I wrote — what I found — so you know why I’m here, and I know it too. I’m considering it a permanent record of purpose.

The goal of my work is:

To be inspiring an evolution in business values by expressing my beliefs about life, in my work.

The intention of this blog is:

Rise of the Innerpreneur provides ideas and strategies for business owners who question conventional business ideals and who are choosing to practice a new kind of economics, one based upon using their creativity and skills for the greater good — for one’s own Self, for society and for the planet.

The blog generates awareness that a more mindful form of entrepreneurship exists, and provides support and connections to this growing number of business people who are inspiring an evolution in business values by expressing their beliefs about life, in their work. I integrate such concepts as design thinking, spirituality, meaningful capitalism, and authentic marketing to illustrate that career success is defined by the individual, and that sustainable business growth depends on honest self-development and an awareness of how you uniquely add value to the world.

You really matter to me. Thank you for reading and for evolving with me.

I love you,


photo credit: Seth Sawyers

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Focused Leadership


Despite what my rebellious ego sometimes wants me to believe, having people to support us in meeting our goals is necessary, and even wonderful. Sometimes though, when we lack focus, receiving the help we need and leading others can become more work that it hopes to accomplish.

Your unwavering vision is necessary and needed to guide and steer the people who want to help you. When you are the Captain of the ship, you know the course you want to take and you know all the information that flows through your craft. You hold an unique and powerful position, and this power must be acknowledged and used consciously. By actively displaying and sharing your vision with your supporters, you allow them to focus completely on their tasks and not become distracted by their ideas. Their ideas themselves are not a problem but they may not contribute positively to the task at hand. Your role and your goal as leader is to stay focused on your vision, so the people helping you stay focused on it too.

In being a decisive leader, you gather everyone’s creative energy and you help to focus it in the direction of your vision. In being pointed, you help others to help you manifest your vision swiftly and without confusion. In focusing your leadership, you create a container for others to truly support you in meeting your goals. And that, without a doubt, is a wonderful and invaluable thing.

photo credit: marie

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

Trying To Solve Gender Imbalance From “The Other Side Of The Table”


This article is written by Ezequiel Djeredjian, a male member of the Athena team. Ezequiel and Athena are doing great work to solve the gender imbalance in business, through programming empowering women to grow themselves, and their dreams of entrepreneurship. Their work is a beautiful reflection of Innerpreneurship, and the collective value it creates. Similarly, I am becoming increasingly more aware of our gender imbalance, and my need to seek solutions. Sharing Ezequiel’s perspective with you is a step in this direction, a symbol of my growing dedication to solving this problem — together, we’re adding to the solution by becoming (more) aware of the problem.

“Are we sure that I am not going into the lion’s den? Do you think it’s okay for me to talk about gender imbalance openly?”

It was April and I was working on our communication and media strategy with Adèle, and was starting to get nervous about how I should start to reach out to people about our entrepreneurship boot camp for women. You know, being a man and all…

“I guess I can focus on the entrepreneurship and technology side of the program. That way we can avoid any possible negative reaction.”

What approach should I take when I talk to organizations and women involved in this cause? Why me, a member of “the other side”, was working for it? How could I justify the fact that our team is mostly male if somebody inquired?

Over the last couple of months I’ve been reading a lot about gender imbalance, lack of women in technology and entrepreneurship, and sex inequality. The truth is that, as a man helping to build our Athena program, I was a little bit afraid, not to say terrified. And the more I read, the more confused I was and the more doubts I had.

I just felt out of place. I could see all of the messages accusing me or Exosphere of personal interests, trying to hop on a wave for marketing purposes, looking to put myself into a role that did not correspond to me or a place where I was not wanted.

Nonetheless, I was confident in the reasons why we are doing it. And if I had to receive some of these accusations, just to try to reach people interested in our work, I was willing to do so…

It’s been more than 2 months since we started communicating Athena to journalists, bloggers, organizations and other influencers. Up to the moment I probably contacted over 150 of them.

If you are someone that has tried to launch a service or program and was looking to get any traction and coverage you know how hard it is to get responses. Most of the mails I sent were probably ignored, but others were answered.

And guess what… There were no accusations. No hate mail responses. All of the answers I got were very positive. Congratulating us on attempting to do something like what we are doing, offering their help, ways to collaborate, or to be involved in any way, even if it was just a retweet.

I felt happy.

If there is one thing that working on this program and on its communication has showed me, it is that this problem is not only a female problem. And when we attempt to make a real change it should be all sides working together to do so. In any possible way they can.

I know there will still be people not happy with what we are doing, that will say this is not our place and we should not be an obstacle to their fight. We will let them be.

We are not trying to get ourselves to the forefront nor try to lead the way. We just want to offer a place where more women can get together to explore new and different possibilities, and find a place to inspire themselves and get the necessary self-confidence to take that important first step.

We hope we are on the right track.

Ezequiel Djeredjian originally published this article on Athena’s Medium page.

What’s the Point of This Communication?

photo credit: Sergio Pani

There’s always a goal. In every communication, in every expression, there is always a goal. It may not be conscious and it may not be visible, but it is there. Whenever we communicate, we do it for a reason.

In both our business communication scenarios and our personal ones, our goals design and determine what we achieve, and what we receive. Through our language and logic, our (conscious and unconscious) goals reveal themselves; and through our resulting action, these goals are realized.

When we take the space to consider our goals before we take action and communicate, we support our selves in consciously creating effective communications. For when we consider what we want to achieve and why we are communicating, we’re taking responsibility for ensuring our expressions are authentic. And that we’re consciously creating the reality we desire.

4 Conscious Communication Goals

For your next communication, consider:

  1. Your Information: Are you sharing essential information?
  2. Your Motivation: Are you inspiring action?
  3. Your Professionalism: Are you elevating your credibility?
  4. Your Brand: Are you supporting your values and value?

If you’re answer is ‘No’ to any of the above, it’s probably a good idea not to communicate until you’ve done more internal work and can answer each with a ‘Yes’. In taking this space, each time you and/or your business chooses to communicate, you’ll feel confident you’re creating a growth opportunity.

photo credit: Sergio Pani

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.