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Holding the Light

You make a difference by being what you truly are. You change your world by being the light you naturally are and by holding onto it, no matter what externally flies your way. In living your True Nature, you support others in realizing theirs. Another can hurt you, or attempt to, but in knowing and holding your light, their is no need to reduce yourself in reaction to them — despite their desire for you to do so. Reacting to them with fear only results in you holding less of your light ...

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The Work and Reward of Building Credit

I like to think about money as an idea in the form of credit. To get in the money game, I need to build up my credit. To build up my credit, I need to work on my inner and outer relationship with my self and money. My Outer Credit Work: identifying & communicating the value I offer (marketing my self and my business) growing my wealth (creating opportunities for higher pay and more abundance) caring for my wealth (managing my money and my self) My Inner Credit ...

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Some Customers: Reflections on Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

Some customers pay less; some customers pay more. Some customers pay less and buy more; while some customers pay more and buy less. Some customers appreciate more; some customers appreciate less. Some customers appreciate more and share you less; while some customers appreciate less and share you more. Whatever their way of expressing it, they're happily choosing the experience and to share their satisfaction. They're actively valuing what they love. And the monetary value ...

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Playing With Plenty

It's taken me a while to see it. And how it limits me. I've always wanted exactly what I need. Nothing more. I didn't necessarily get enough as a child, despite their being lots around, and getting exactly what I needed seemed like a decent (and perhaps lofty) enough goal. Exactly what I needed. Nothing more. Love. Money. It didn't matter. Never too much. Only what I needed. Never more than I needed. Or thought I needed. I wanted what was sufficient, not ample. Nothing ...

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Discovering the Meaning of Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

An Exciting Concept I learned about the concept of Pay What It's Worth pricing as a result of an email from a reader, Jay Cowan. He recommended I check out the book called Secrets of the Wealthy Mind, as it discussed the concept of Innerpreneurs. At the time (2009), there was only one book I knew that mentioned and identified Innerpreneurs as a group, and so I was fascinated. Jay also mentioned that the author, Phillip Dignan, had “an interesting way of selling it”, referring to ...

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