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Pay What Its Worth - the book

Pay What It’s Worth: The Book

After five years of experimenting with not setting prices, in Pay What It’s Worth: Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices, I introduce this pricing innovation and share integral strategies for creating a balanced exchange experience, empowering both your customer and you to fairly value what's being exchanged. explore how an open pricing system with Accountability. Norms. Disclosure. creates and sustains a relationship of Mutual benefit. Exchange. Connection. ...

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Some Customers: Reflections on Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

Some customers pay less; some customers pay more. Some customers pay less and buy more; while some customers pay more and buy less. Some customers appreciate more; some customers appreciate less. Some customers appreciate more and share you less; while some customers appreciate less and share you more. Whatever their way of expressing it, they're happily choosing the experience and to share their satisfaction. They're actively valuing what they love. And the monetary value ...

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defining my market niche

defining my market niche I’m excited to announce that I’ve created another workbook for the Nutshell Series, defining my market niche. This workbook takes you on a fun adventure in looking at your market and specifically identifying who your ideal client is in it, and what they need to hear from you. The workbook is 19 pages and includes 9 probing questions to expanding your thinking. made with love for you, TJSignature Other workbooks currently in the Nutshell Series are exploring brand me and developing my communication strategy. Each book focuses on a specific aspect of designing your marketing communications and provides guidance on discovering the strategies that are uniquely right for you and your business.

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