Is Pay What It’s Worth Pricing For Me?

an exploratory checklist

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Pay What It's Worth EXPLAINED

This product was lovingly crafted by me, Tara Joyce, and is for sale to you at the price you feel it is worth.

Please carefully consider the value you place on the creation and give accordingly.

When considering the value you place on the product, you could consider:

  • your (perceived) level of satisfaction with the product, and the level of satisfaction I may feel in your valuation.
  • your abilities (financially and otherwise) to contribute to the exchange and the abilities (financially and otherwise) I have contributed.
  • your market awareness of the product and what you may receive from it and what has been put into it.
  • your sense of fairness in the exchange

Are you wondering if you can prosper from allowing your customers to determine what they pay for your services and products? This communication tool will support you in answering that question.

I’ve created this exploratory checklist to support you in determining if Pay What It’s Worth (PWIW) pricing could work for you and your business.

By working through each aspect of the checklist, you will explore your motivations and intentions around money, value, and wealth and determine if you are the kind of business owner who would benefit from using PWIW.

Determining if you see yourself in the checklist can help you decide if Pay What It’s Worth pricing is the right approach for you and your business.


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