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My Utopia Exists. You’re Surfing It Right Now.

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\’\’Does this sound like your ideal community? It’s pretty damn close to mine.

1. Constantly growing organically

The web consists of millions of pages, and it grows by the moment. A page can be added by anyone, anywhere. Hyperlinks are what connects these millions of pages and they can be created by anyone, anywhere. The web is constantly growing and interconnecting as the many small pieces (pages) are joining together (via hyperlinks) as they see fit.

2. Decentralized

No one is in charge of the web. There is no one to fix it and no one to thank for it.

3. Commitment-free

You have complete control over the time you spend on the web. You can move at your own pace and explore what you want, when you want.

4. Open

There is nothing barring you from accessing the rest of the web world. You are free to learn what you will and connect with who you want.

5. Endless learning

Pages are added daily. Until there is nothing left to learn, there will always be something left for you to learn on the web.

6. Imperfect

No one controls it, no one owns it, no one is there to try and perfect it to the ideals that they see fit.

7. Borderless

You don’t need someone’s permission to link to them. The traditional lines of “that is mine and this is yours” have been removed. Often times it’s hard to tell where the boundaries are of where one person’s stuff ends and another begins.

This post was inspired by David Weinberger‘s thoughts on The Character of the Web.

photo credit: Icloss

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My Utopia Exists. You’re Surfing It Right Now.

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