Rise of the Innerpreneur

Don’t Know How


Is there a way to know how to do something without first doing it?

Can I know how to play the piano without first playing it?

Can I possibly, truly know how to do anything without having done it first?

I need practice. I need to learn how to do the thing I desire. I need to do it, to know it. I need to make mistakes.

I don’t know how. I’ve never done this before. I have to practice, and I have to allow for the mistakes I’ll make while I learn. It feels fair to provide myself understanding of this.

Sometimes, my mistakes are more valuable than my triumphs. Sometimes, my mistakes teach me, and grow me, in ways far more transformative.

I need both the highs and the lows for my confidence to grow. The pain and the pleasure are necessary teachers to know how.

I can’t wholly know how without experiencing both. I need their practice. I need to know I can handle both in order to confidently know I can do.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks

A Waste of Words


In many ways, our culture encourages the wasting of words. They’re presented not as a resource to be responsible to, but rather something to use carelessly, without consequence. Another resource we can throw around and away. Hidden behind our screens, provided with a medium to share our every fleeting thought and feeling, we’re finding this story even easier to believe.

Please don’t waste your words. They are one of your most valuable resources; and they are one of the few resources you truly own. They are inherently yours, readily available to only you, and capable of creating incredible value. You have total freedom and control over how they are employed. They are a resource whose worth needs to be carefully realized.

Your other resources will likely run out. Your clothes will wear, your toys will break, and yet your wand for creating your world — your words — will sustain. You have endless access to the power and potential of them. All the more reason they’re so hard to manage. When you have an endless supply of something, how do you support your Self in using it responsibly? It’s a tough question that needs your thoughtful consideration.

To preserve ourselves we, as humans, need to more thoughtfully manage our resources. So why not practice choosing sustainability? Choosing empathy? Choosing support? See how your world responds in return.

For your words are a resource not to be wasted. How you use them is a true reflection of who you are.

photo credit: Sam Javanrouh

An Essential Boundary


Opposites hold an essential boundary for the other. This boundary is a space they both hold in common. When you’re standing on it, you can see the spectrum of truth spanning both sides of the opposition.

Bridging this shared boundary is a delicate dance that requires being able to access both sides, while holding the tension of their opposition.

Your pain and your potential are two sides of the same coin. Without an awareness of both, you take the wealth out of your experience. To truly know one, you must know both; and to the extent you know one, you know the other.

Imbalance is a result of heavily favouring one side of an opposition. It is a result of seeing one aspect of the coin, such as your potential, as more valuable and attractive than the other.

In working to know and value both sides, neither side needs to be lacking for both is acceptable. In this place of acceptance, you masterfully bridge the essential boundary these opposites share.

photo credit: Pablo Fernández
Thank you, Lee Shane, for the inspiration and support in expressing this concept.

Natalie Cope: Innerpreneur Spotlight



Co-Founder of Bryt

Bryt Clothes | @Bryt_Clothes

I am:

Natalie Cope. I’m the co-founder of Bryt, pronounced ‘bright’ with James Foster.

My passion is for:

Designing great clothing products and putting a smile on people’s faces. Those are the two goals of the brand. It’s not enough anymore to get your clothing made in the UK (all ours is, down to the packaging) you’ve got to bring you’re A game and we have created a small niche. Bright coloured clothes only, hence the name Bryt. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of two but that’s 5% of the population that love a colourful statement piece is who we’re going after. 5% is good enough for us!

My business helps you:

Be brighter, be happier and more confident. To long are the days that fashion super powers don the magazines with blacks and greys. People feel they need to wear these bland colours to fit in with the rest of society. We want to be different. We want to be a beacon for change and stand up and say, “these bright clothes are about individuality, colour and self-confidence.”

My biggest challenge is:

Squeezing into the fashion industry. We’re are launching on Kickstarter on the 28th April. A big day. Hopefully we will burst onto the fashion scene with some zest! We are keeping things super simple by only releasing our first set of sock designs. 9 designs only to keep your choice easy. We’ve got 100’s of designs ready to go into production ranging from underwear and swimwear to everyday wear. But we figured keeping it super simple to start was our best bet.

I make a difference by:

Injecting outrageous colour into our designs. Hopefully I give our wearers a jolt. A splash of colour to lighten their day up.

I have lots of ideas about:

How to change the industry and be a very small niche. Bright colours only isn’t something the fashion industry has seen before but, we’re looking forwards to turning some heads.

I’ve learned:

The process of design, to sampling to production. What a whirlwind ride. Although I have been designing clothes and patterns for many years, I have never gone through the processes of creating my own clothes. And there is a lot to learn. Especially for us, because we’re a small fish in a big sea!

A favourite quote of mine:

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your actions. – Dalai Lama

I love this. So many people expect to be happy 100% of the time. That’s just not the way the world rotates. We all have ups and downs and that’s just fine. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t increase how happy and content we feel in general.

If you would you like to be considered for an upcoming “Innerpreneur Spotlight”, please feel free to contact me.

We Wouldn’t Need So Much Esteem If We Had More Love


Perhaps you’ve had an experience similar to mine. I grew up believing I could DO anything. I was nurtured by the concept that everything I desired could be mine, if only I was willing to work for it.

What I did not understand, amid my action full of DOing, was this was not the whole story. Sure, I could try and do everything, and I might even impress myself in doing so, but without the other piece of the puzzle, this doing of mine lacked a real purpose.

I had learned to be full of self-esteem but I lacked self-love. I knew I could DO, but I couldn’t see nor appreciate the BEing behind it. I was the product of a cultural environment that emphasizes what you DO (the external) more than who you ARE (the internal).

We’ve been taught to believe that through DOing we are entitled to everything we desire. And while this sounds good and is partially true, it is an unbalanced approach that prevents us from recognizing that our value is far greater than the esteem-based DOing we’ve limited our self with, and tangled our self in. Without including the value of our BEing, we are leaving our self starving to receive recognition from others, for inside we haven’t learned about the true value we posses.

Without knowing the value of our BEing, we can’t help but be caught up in the esteem-based DOing — a DOing done not because we need to, but because we think we should. We can’t see another way to have the life we desire. And so we strive for outside power (beauty, money, status) more and more in an attempt to fulfill the thing we need more of. Love.

We wouldn’t need so much esteem if we had more love. Care, compassion, respect, value. We need them as much as we need beauty, money and status. One does not need to be pursued at the expense of the other. Through loving our self, we can create the esteem we desire.

photo credit: Caleb George