Rise of the Innerpreneur

The Emotion of Money

photo credit Doug Wheller

I want to share this fantastic example of how much we are motivated by our emotions when it comes to money, and valuing things.

Ask yourself:

Is the value of the Empire State Building high because the value of rent is high, or vice versa, is the value of rent high because the building is highly valued?

What do you think?

Does it change if I asked you to substitute WHAT you are valuing?

Is the value of a cow high because the value of calves and milk is high, or vice versa, is the value of milk and calves high because cows are highly valued?

In altering WHAT you are valuing, did your willingness to pay change?

This analogy’s purpose is to highlight that your willingness to pay is fluid, and not set. How you value things and what you are willing to pay depends on how you feel about (yourself and) the thing you are valuing.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

photo credit: Doug Wheller

Pay What It’s Worth: The Book

Pay What Its Worth - the book

After five years of experimenting with not setting prices, in Pay What It’s Worth: Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices, I introduce this pricing innovation and share integral strategies for creating a balanced exchange experience, empowering both your customer and you to fairly value what’s being exchanged.


Pay What It’s Worth: Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices

explore how an open pricing system with

Accountability. Norms. Disclosure.

creates and sustains a relationship of

Mutual benefit. Exchange. Connection.

between customer and creator

shaping an economy of integrity for your business to be valued in and grow from

Learn more and read the book


Pay What It’s Worth is self-published by Tara Joyce under Elastic Mind Press. Currently you can purchase a PDF version of the book, and pre-order your print, kindle or EPUB version.

The Thing That Means SO MUCH

Means so much

A Calling

I’ve always wanted to — and knew I needed to — WRITE a BOOK.

If I knew anything about myself, I KNEW this. And this KNOWING was so powerful that it became incredibly painful.


But I didn’t know how, so I tried to escape from IT. The pressure of IT. For a while.

With time and practice, it became not so much the WRITING that weighed, but THE (unwritten) BOOK itself. As did my resistance to ALL THE MEANING I had now placed on IT.

Nothing meant more than creating THE BOOK I always dreamed of, and so under this heavy weight IT sat stagnant.

IT meant too much to move, the fear of not getting IT right or not getting THERE at all hovered. The seriousness of the endeavour weighed. I NEEDED to do this.


Five year ago I started writing THE BOOK I dreamed of creating, and today I am ready to share it with you.

It’s taken lots of work on myself, and spending the last year writing the start of a fiction series, to reach THIS place where I am ready, willing, and able to write and share my BOOK that meant so much.

I can now see and trust that this BOOK that means so much, is one of many inside me. I now know I am able to do IT.

And IT doesn’t mean as much as I made it out to. And yet IT means so much more.

I feel ready now to step fully into who I am. To feel FREE to collect and share my words and thoughts with you. And to KNOW it means something when I do, but this meaning isn’t there to scare me, only motivate.

A Heroic Journey

And so, with no further ado, I am proud to share with you my first book, Pay What It’s Worth: Building Your Sustainable System for Not Setting Prices.

May it take you on an adventure the way it has taken me.

Grace Clapham & Solonia Teodros: Innerpreneur Spotlight

The Change School

Co-Founders of The Change School

Grace Clapham | Solonia Teodros

We are:


My passion is for:

Solonia: Helping individuals and organisations become global citizens through community engagement, social innovation, cultural understanding and human-centered design.

Grace: Helping individuals maximize their potential, connecting sectors and cultures, bridging gaps, enabling and inspiring individuals and organisations to live more creatively and collaboratively for collective impact.

Our business helps you:

Our business helps you align passion and purpose for impact while connecting you to an international community of global citizens

My biggest challenge is:

Solonia: Saying ‘no’. When all you want to do is good work and help others to do good work, saying ‘no’ to exciting opportunities in order to stay focused and on track is a constant challenge. I’m getting better at this though! :)

Grace: There are too many things to do can’t do them all. I want to create enough impactful change in a faster period of time and change systems and mindsets.

I make a difference by:

Solonia: Challenging traditional notions of (individual/organisational) identity, storytelling, facilitating intercultural interactions and understanding, and through ground-up initiatives I drive for and with local communities.

Grace: Creating new spaces and communities whilst building new ecosytems in order to break barriers and drive change for a better understanding of each other, cultures and the world.

I have lots of ideas about:

Solonia: The immense value and potential of multiculturals – citizens of the world. As the world becomes more connected, the great leaders of tomorrow will be those who are curious and open to the unknown; risk-takers with the ability to adapt to and embrace change. Coming from a diverse background, being multilingual and/or being exposed to different cultures is a great advantage that I believe should be encouraged, nurtured and challenged to catalyze societal change.

Grace: How individuals can work better together with an understanding of themselves, emergence and systems change/thinking. Being a Third Culture Kid I am consistently thinking of ways that we can connect the dots across cultures and build a future society of global citizens.

I’ve learned:

Solonia: The best advice you can take in life is that of your own intuition. Rather than being stubborn or closed to new perspectives, this is about taking the time and space to invest in yourself – body, mind and soul – in order to understand who you are, what you want and where you want to go. It takes time to find clarity, resilience to go through the process and openness to trying every/any thing to realise what you love. Friends, family, mentors and coaches are your support system but, for me, the exciting journey begins when you’ve learned to trust yourself.

Grace: Living by Maya Angelous motto “If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude” – after having my own transition and coming to a crossroads I realised that change needs to come from within first before you can make the necessary changes in the external world. I have also learned that it’s not easy making the change but if you are committed and want to make long lasting change you have to keep at it and surround yourselves with individuals who will keep pushing your boundaries and nurture you to grow always. We can never learn too much but we must learn how to learn and unlearn and re-learn always in life.

A favourite quote of mine:


There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela


Be Bold Or Italic, Never Regular.

If you would you like to be considered for an upcoming “Innerpreneur Spotlight”, please contact me.

Everything We Are

photo credit Pink Sherbet Photography

Creative. Intuitive. Wise. Beautiful. And all the other qualities we (sometimes) believe only the special possess.

The possession of these gifts, however, is not a special thing. For we each possess them, with varying degrees of visibility.

The special thing, the thing stands out, is not the qualities themselves but the empowered use and the deliberate practice of them.

For to practice and harness your creativity, your intuition, your wisdom, your beauty takes patience, dedication, and optimism. It takes developing less visible qualities in pursuit of your more visible ones, and it takes focusing your time and energy on your goals, while accepting that the immediate satisfaction of these needs can not be met.

This is what makes these people special. Not the qualities themselves, but their dedication and persistence in nurturing and sharing what’s inside of them.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography