Rise of the Innerpreneur

Why I Do What I Do


Sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do.

Why do I love what I love? Why do I choose to spend my time in the way that I do?

Most of the time, I’m not asking myself these questions. Most of the time, I’m just doing my thing. But sometimes, I wonder why I do what I do, and sometimes, I get an unexpected answers to that question.

Yesterday was one of those days. I found a note I had written 2009’ish — it was about the point of this blog, and why I spend my time and energy authoring it. It outlined what this space means to me, and why its existence matters. To me, and to you. And I needed that, I needed the reminder of why I do what I do.

Because sometimes I forget, and sometimes I take it for granted. And I don’t want to do that so much anymore. I want to feel my purpose more. So, I’m going to share what I wrote — what I found — so you know why I’m here, and I know it too. I’m considering it a permanent record of purpose.

The goal of my work is:

To be inspiring an evolution in business values by expressing my beliefs about life, in my work.

The intention of this blog is:

Rise of the Innerpreneur provides ideas and strategies for business owners who question conventional business ideals and who are choosing to practice a new kind of economics, one based upon using their creativity and skills for the greater good — for one’s own Self, for society and for the planet.

The blog generates awareness that a more mindful form of entrepreneurship exists, and provides support and connections to this growing number of business people who are inspiring an evolution in business values by expressing their beliefs about life, in their work. I integrate such concepts as design thinking, spirituality, meaningful capitalism, and authentic marketing to illustrate that career success is defined by the individual, and that sustainable business growth depends on honest self-development and an awareness of how you uniquely add value to the world.

You really matter to me. Thank you for reading and for evolving with me.

I love you,


photo credit: Seth Sawyers

Focused Leadership


Despite what my rebellious ego sometimes wants me to believe, having people to support us in meeting our goals is necessary, and even wonderful. Sometimes though, when we lack focus, receiving the help we need and leading others can become more work that it hopes to accomplish.

Your unwavering vision is necessary and needed to guide and steer the people who want to help you. When you are the Captain of the ship, you know the course you want to take and you know all the information that flows through your craft. You hold an unique and powerful position, and this power must be acknowledged and used consciously. By actively displaying and sharing your vision with your supporters, you allow them to focus completely on their tasks and not become distracted by their ideas. Their ideas themselves are not a problem but they may not contribute positively to the task at hand. Your role and your goal as leader is to stay focused on your vision, so the people helping you stay focused on it too.

In being a decisive leader, you gather everyone’s creative energy and you help to focus it in the direction of your vision. In being pointed, you help others to help you manifest your vision swiftly and without confusion. In focusing your leadership, you create a container for others to truly support you in meeting your goals. And that, without a doubt, is a wonderful and invaluable thing.

photo credit: marie

The First Step

First steps

The first step… It’s the most exciting and scary moment. It’s the moment when you become aware of the problem… And it’s the moment when you begin to solve it.

Becoming aware of the problem is the beginning of your solution. Awareness is your first step. In simply recognizing the dirt and muck, you’re growing. There are so many who are not even yet willing to look there and recognize it. You, however, are. In seeing it, you’re already working on rising above it. You’re already taking a huge step.

Your unconditional worth can only be discovered when you take this first step. Self-awareness is necessary if you are to expand fully into the world.

It’s an exciting moment each time you find yourself taking this step (again) for the first time. In seeing the problem, you’re entering into a solution about to unfold. It’s the first step in a thrilling adventure into knowing and loving yourself better.

photo credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen

Protecting Your Flow


When we feel unsafe, whether we fear being judged, disliked, or misunderstood, it stops our creative flow. Fear is stifling. Alternatively, when we feel safe, our creativity unfolds and reveals itself, without our conscious effort.

Knowing this, we can maximize our creative potential by creating conditions where we feel safe and unrestricted. In protecting our flow, we inspire our creativity. Doing this includes avoiding people who leave us feeling unsafe, and it includes creating support for the ways in which feel fearful in our own psyches. Internal and external, we have the power to create the conditions to support our flow.

Internal and external, whenever we’re up against fear, we have the tools needed to protect our Self. In connecting with our breathe, we know we are safe, we feel our power, and in this experience, we find the courage to fearlessly surrender to our creative potential.

photo credit: Ian Hayhurst

The Heart of Self-Worth


“Thoughts become things,” Mike Dooley says. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you think you deserve.

Life provides your perceived worth, not your actual worth. Only when you connect with your intrinsic goodness — your courage and your kindness — do you allow, and feel you deserve, all of life’s blessings. Only then, can you truly get what you deserve. For only then, do you trust in your unconditional worth.

Unconditional worth belongs to you. It’s always been yours. It’s inherently yours. Your self-worth can not be earned. It can not be measured. It is simply yours to know, and to grow with.

Yet what you think your worth matters just as much as the truth of your infinite value. Feelings need to find balance with perceptions. To truly know your worth and receive it, you need to find alignment with your perceptions and expressions of worth, and your actual worth.

Your thoughts are becoming things, and they’re showing you the truth of your feelings. Life’s giving you what you think you deserve. Are you happy with what you’re creating? Whatever your answer, your worth is yours to grow into, and yours to create the life you truly deserve.

photo credit: eva blue