Rise of the Innerpreneur

Practicing With Pain


If the pain is going to be there either way, why would I choose to feel it?

If I feel it, I can actually heal it. If I don’t feel it, I can not know its true state, and I can not start to heal it.

Whether I like it or not, feeling my pain fully is necessary for my healing, for my whole-ing.

I can not reduce my pain when I don’t acknowledge it. I can not feel more whole and healed when I deny parts of my experience.

When I want to hide from my pain, I remember that in facing it, I start to heal it. Stuffing it down only guarantees I will hold onto these feelings longer.

My pain is inevitable but my suffering is optional.

So I practice feeling it and not fearing it. I practice believing I can face and handle my pain. And ever single time I do, I find I’m right.

photo credit: Lein C. Lau

Beyond Right and Wrong

photo credit Dan Foy

It’s right. It’s wrong.

It’s neither.

It’s just an option. It’s just one way of doing things. It simply one way to approach something.

Take it and/or leave it.

It may be what I’ve done, and it may be what I’m doing, and it may be working for me, but it is still only one way of doing things.

Nothing more.

Take it and/or leave it. Be interested and/or think it’s bunk.

In the end, it’s simply what works for me, for now.

Nothing more.

The approach I am choosing is no more right or wrong than any other approach.

Take it and/or leave it.

Maybe my approach will work for you. Maybe it won’t. I can’t say for sure.

You know what’s best for you.

Take it and/or leave it. Be interested and/or think it’s bunk.

I am here, sharing my perspective on my experiences. And you are there, deciding what to do with them. You decide how much truth my perspective holds for you. You decide how much you’re learning.

It’s not about right or wrong. There’s no place for that here. In this space, it’s about possibility.

What’s possible for you?

photo credit: Dan Foy

The Work and Reward of Building Credit

photo credit Matt Jiggens

I like to think about money as an idea in the form of credit. To get in the money game, I need to build up my credit. To build up my credit, I need to work on my inner and outer relationship with my self and money.

My Outer Credit Work:

  • identifying & communicating the value I offer (marketing my self and my business)
  • growing my wealth (creating opportunities for higher pay and more abundance)
  • caring for my wealth (managing my money and my self)

My Inner Credit Work:

  • connecting with the value I offer and the abundance of wealth I possess (transforming my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and actions about money and my self)

As I practice with Pay What It’s Worth and not setting prices, I’m noticing the system naturally supports me in doing my inner and outer work. It supports me in clearly identifying where I still have work to do in improving the quality of my thoughts about my self and money. When I feel something isn’t working in my business and/or in an exchange with my customer, I have an opportunity for inner work and outer work. My business is a mirror for my relationship with my self and money, and my customer is a powerful guide in showing me what is working in this relationship, and what is not. My customer’s feedback and behaviour in our business exchange, and my satisfaction with it, highlights where my thoughts and actions are adding value and where they are not. How am I building my credit? How am I taking from it? If I don’t feel fairly valued, I explore how I am creating this imbalance in my relationship and I work to correct it.

Psychology is to money what an engine is to a car, and my motives, my drivers to action, determine my results. My thoughts about money determine where I go with it, the quality of my ride and my response, and how fast I travel. If I want to live and love abundantly, I must be working on thinking abundantly. As I work at increasing the quality of my thoughts, and in turn my actions, my wealth increases. As I learn to value my Self and how I am of service more wholly, my customer naturally does too. This is the work and the reward of building my credit.

photo credit: Matt Jiggens

A Space for You = An Advertising Opportunity

photo credit bigbrand

I’ve been lovingly writing Rise of the Innerpreneur for over six years now, and in that time, I’ve published over 397 articles. Man oh man, that’s a whole lot of time, energy, and love I’ve put into this little space on the interweb.

Part of my experience with writing this blog has been handling the visibility it has brought, and the various forms in which it can arrive. One common theme as the blog’s visibility has grown is the increasing number of businesses approaching me about advertising on ROTI. To date, I have said no to these requests… In part because I am very particular about how my blog looks and feels to you, but equally in part because I’ve never wanted to advertise anything that I didn’t know would be of quality and interest you. I suppose in many ways I am extremely controlling about the experience my website and my online world creates for you (and for myself).

But as these ad requests continue to increase, I’ve found myself wondering if there is an opportunity for you and I that I am missing. It’s fine if I want to be very particular about advertising but, if I am open to it, why am I not asking you, my cherished reader and fellow Cultural Creative, if you have something you’d like to share here? I’d love to support you in connecting with more CC’s.

Learn More About Advertising

In light of this understanding, I’d like to experiment with advertising on ROTI and I’d love it if you’d play along with me. I’d love to support your work. As of today, I’m offering for lease three (3) ad spaces on the blog sidebar, in a section I’d playing with calling the Cultural Creative Market. The ad space is available to you for a six month commitment. With this commitment, you will be an exclusive advertiser on ROTI and have the ability to reach Cultural Creative business owners around the world.

Learn more about this exclusive advertising opportunity.

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Who Defines My Needs?


I make a difference by being what I am. I add value to my world by being the light I am, and by holding onto this light no matter what externally arrives to me.

To do this, I need to protect myself from the overwhelm of the external world. I need to protect who I truly am. I can not lose myself; and it’s important I acknowledge the force by which others may seem to want me to. I need ways to deal with the tension between taking care of my inner business and taking care of external affairs.

As a child, it could be hard to know what was right — the authority figure who wanted me to change, or the inner guru who knew I was as I needed to be. It was hard to know what defined my needs. Now as I grow, I am learning to better understand the contrast between my truth and the manufactured needs that keep me from it.

My truth is in my inner directive. My wisdom lies in staying connected to myself while pushing into the world. In holding my sense of self I have what I need to sense my way forward with confidence.